Let smart home technology make life easier by handling all the practical aspects of your daily life with just one chosen device.


Please take a couple of minutes to watch our video which will give you an idea of some of the benefits and opportunities of living with smart home technology.


Why Smart Homes?

As lifestyles become increasingly demanding, people expect more from their living environment through the use of home technology, this is why it is now more important than ever for customers to understand the benefits of home integration.
When we talk about integration, we are referring to the ability to integrate television, home cinema, lighting control, multi-room audio, heating and cooling, security, appliances, and other systems through a centrally controlled network. These systems are custom designed to allow you, the homeowner, the convenient, time-saving, and cost-saving benefits of controlling electronics through a central control, or even remotely.

Many think of home networking as simply connecting PCs. While this is a growing segment, it’s only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what can be connected in a home. We are on the cutting edge of connecting home technology systems for consumers. And more consumers are demanding the benefits of connectivity – for simplicity, safety, and lifestyle enhancement.

We develop systems that are practical and pragmatic for today’s homeowners and can take advantage of new innovations as they come to market. Investing in home technology at the outset of your building project will allow us to deliver technology that will not only merge seamlessly with the your existing lifestyle but will also provide convenience, security, and entertainment for years to come.

Investing in modern home technology early on in your project can offer the opportunity to turn your family home into your retirement home with no additional upheaval.

indigozest can provide significant value to homeowners who are interested in a networked solution. We have a deep product knowledge that allows us to select the best audio visual components to suit a client’s home design and usage patterns. We have the skill to optimise room acoustics and seating and calibrate video settings beyond the capabilities of the casual hobbyist. We can work with the homeowner to develop a plan – much like an architect draws out a house plan – to ensure the best integrated home experience.

Home technology systems designed by indigozest are a sound investment in the value of a your home. These systems are developed to handle a your needs today, as well as expand to meet the needs of tomorrow.