Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting is one of the most effective ways to influence the ambience of your space and create the perfect mood for any occasion. Automation of your lighting is customised to suit you and the way you live your life, with tailored scenes such as dinner or movie time for example.

Our systems can potentially reduce your utility bill by allowing you to intelligently control when lighting comes on and goes off, including useful ideas that can work with the astronomical clock.

The beauty of these solutions is that they are completely designed to suit your space, mood and activity. Having pre-defined scenes allows you to have less switches on the wall reducing your wall clutter. In addition, there are many faceplates available that will fit any interior and taste and add to the overall aesthetics of your home. These lighting keypads can also be used to trigger music, blinds, heating and offer notifications of perhaps a garage door having been left open.

A popular function in having lighting control is the additional benefit of occupancy simulation. This is a lighting scene that is created when the alarm has been armed. A random lighting pattern is activated to give the feeling of an occupied home and acts as a great deterrent to unwanted visitors.

Your most used scenes can be programmed into your keypads with additional scenarios available to control from your dedicated smart home touch screen. When a number of circuits have been combined into one button it can sometimes be difficult to know which button activates which scene. We have made this both easy and personal so you can have the buttons engraved with either a symbol or a word to describe that scene for eg; ‘dining’ or ‘cooking’ or perhaps even ‘party’.

LED lighting has opened up a wealth of opportunity and has truly defined a new wave of lighting options. Bringing almost near to real colour depiction with the availability of colour rendering (CRI) options to warm, cool and white light options, the opportunities to light up your house and be efficient at the same time are endless. We work with a number of lighting designers and manufacturers and we would be happy to help you identify the best solution to suit your mood.