Smart Home Security

For us Smart Home Security covers at least three areas of smart home technology:

1) Traditional Alarm Systems (or, it’s formal name: Intruder Detection)
2) CCTV Cameras
3) Door Intercom

Door Intercom is a device at your front door and/or gate. Visitors to your property can ring the bell on the intercom and you can see/talk to them from touch screens in your house or from your phone, even when you are far away from home. You can also have the ability to remotely open the gate/unlock the door to let visitors in. This can be convenient if you want the parcel delivery people to leave the parcel in the porch or to let a friend in.

With a door intercom system that is connected to your overall smart home system you get additional abilities, such as pausing the TV programme, and play an announcement over the speaker system throughout the house. Or perhaps you want a quiet night in, so you simply, disable the ringing mechanism by the touch of a button (just make sure your pizzas have arrived first!).

Smart Home Security

CCTV cameras are installed on almost every home we work on. Everybody likes to have the ability to see what is and has been going on at their property. Most people chose to have outdoor cameras only, but in some cases people like to have a couple of cameras inside the house in strategic places (e.g. hallway, outside the wine store, overlooking the swimming pool and so on). Whether the cameras are installed by us or others we would integrate them into the control system so that they can be viewed from the single app that we provide. It also means that they could be connected to the Multi Room TV system we may have installed and that would make it possible to get the camera images to pop on the television screens around the house.

Intruder Detection is something we don’t install ourselves as it needs to be certified by an accredited alarm system installer (SSAIB or NSI). We have a couple of partners that we work with, but most likely we can also work with your chosen installer. The key part is to make sure the alarm installer provides a system that will integrate with a smart home system. In the UK that is typically Texecom and DSC.

For us the integration with an intruder detection system is one of the really big benefits of smart homes. It gives you a number of conveniences/benefits such as:

1) Well, first of all, aesthetics. Instead of having the traditional alarm keypad in your hallway you could have a nice touch screen for your smart home control system. This touch screen can be used to control everything that is connected, not just the alarm system, but also for viewing visitors ringing the bell on the door intercom, viewing the CCTV cameras, turning the heating up/down etc. etc. You’ll still have the traditional alarm keypad somewhere, but now it can be hidden away in a cupboard as you won’t need to access it very often.

2) When you leave the house, you will use the above touch screen to arm your alarm system. In doing so you are also informing the smart home system that you are no longer home and all the automation that is required for when you are away can take over. This could include:

  • Ensuring all internal lights are off everywhere and then using your Lighting Control system as a an occupancy simulation to make it look like you are at home
  • Automatically close your motorised blinds and curtains
  • Lowering the set point on your heating to save on energy
  • Turning off all TVs and music systems in case you forgot
  • Close your sky light roof windows
  • Playing a dog barking sound through the music system if anyone rings the doorbell

3) Once you return home you use the same touch screen to enter your code and disarm the system. Once this has been done the smart home system could invoke one or more “Welcome Home” routines, such as:

  • Turning on a nice welcoming lighting setting in the hallway
  • Turn the heating back up (if you haven’t already done so remotely on your way back)
  • If you are returning during the day time the system could open the blinds

The options are endless but we will work with you to help you define what best suits to the way you live.