Home Cinema

When you think of a Home Cinema you are likely thinking about one of two quite different setups:

Actual Full Blown Home Cinemas. This would mean a dedicated room, used only for your home cinema, with dedicated cinema furniture (think comfortable recliner seats with cup holders). A large projector screen, an amazing projector and a complete surround sound system with front, side, rear and height speakers along with one or more sub-woofers. This is the room where you can really create a true cinema feeling, where the interior design meets the needs of a cinema design; where the walls, ceiling and flooring are acoustically treated to ensure the best sound absorption/reverberation needed. Dedicated cinemas most often have no windows and only a single door. Often these rooms are treated with soundproofing to ensure as little as possible of the movie track escapes into the rest of the property, but also to ensure that you are not disturbed whilst watching a movie by anything going on elsewhere in your household.

Media Rooms. However, if you are looking at turning a day lounge into a cinema style room then you might want to opt for a media room. A media room is typically a dual-purpose room where you can use it as a lounge/living room, but also turn it into a room that has more of a cinema feel. You may have either a large screen television or a projector and screen. In some cases, you may have both. You could have a TV for regular use and when you want to watch a movie, simply by the press of a button, have the projector and screen slide out of the ceiling.

The media room will have a good sound system as well, typically at least something of a Dolby Atmos style setup (7 speakers and 1 sub-woofer), but perhaps more depending on available space etc. Likely you’ll want to make the speakers discrete or have them blend in with the décor so as to make them less obtrusive when the room is used as a lounge. For media rooms you want to think about how you can best create as dark a space as possible, so blackout blinds for the windows is often a good consideration. Many of the considerations that goes into a dedicated cinema can also be thought of for media rooms, so elements like sound proofing, and acoustic treatment should form part of the thinking for this room aswell.

Whichever option suits your needs, either can be fully integrated within your Smart Home system for total and simple ease of use. Imagine walking into your cinema room to be welcomed by lights dimming to create just the perfect shade, blinds coming down, screen dropping from the ceiling, projector coming on, and popcorn being served…well the last bit is not quite part of our offering but we remain hopeful!

Whether you are looking for a dedicated home cinema or a media room we can help.