Essex Home

Essex Home

Our client first contacted us through the website asking about the cost of smart home integration. We soon arranged a showroom visit and began discussing his vision and ideas for the construction of a smart family home in Essex.

Smart Features

Start Date:
January 2018


Lighting Design Studio

Sonance 5.2.1


Uniquiti Unifi





  • CONSULTATIONDuring the consultation stage the sales team meets with the client to discuss their specific needs, understand their vision, and help show them what's possible with Smart Home technology. An estimate is produced and the plan is set in motion.

  • DESIGNThe design team works alongside the client's architects, interior designers, electricians and more to prepare for the installation of Smart Home technology.

  • INSTALLATIONOnce the property is dust-free, our CEDIA certified technicians will install all the equipment and perform testing before the project is signed off.

  • COMPLETEFollowing a successful installation, we offer ongoing aftercare to all of our clients. This is to give them peace of mind in enjoying their Smart Home for years to come while we take care of fixes and software updates. 98% of maintenance is done in the background.

Initial consultation interview and showroom visit took place. More details should be added here about initial requirements etc.

We are at first fix, with cables currently being installed.
Wiring schedules, lighting diagrams and rack details have been drawn up. Euipment for the rack and cinema room have been ordered.
Lighting has been the most evolving scope of the project. From not really being sure of the potential of lighting design to our friends at The Lighting Design Studio working with us on a KNX lighting system with Vitrum faceplates integrated into a Control 4 interface. There are XX circuits creating an incredible scheme that will add layers, dimension and create scenes throughout the property.