Tablet control, perfected with automation.

Achieve Intelligent spaces with smart home automation. Whether it’s lighting control that allows you to create the perfect dining, cooking or movie scene. Music that is set to the right volume for your dining experience or multi-zoned for the best house party event or security that allows you to feel safe and in control both when in your home and away.

Set it, Forget it. Take control. We’ll do it all for you. Our smart home automation solutions are as unique as you are and designed to make your life easier and all through a single, intelligent and user-friendly control system.


An award-winning team of CEDIA certified and industry recognised professionals is ready to help you through the entire process, from planning right through to the moment when you are finally enjoying your new bespoke smart home.

New online shop!

This month sees the launch of our new online shop, where you can quickly browse and purchase some of our most popular home automation kits. Installation costs are included in the price, so you can accurately budget for your needs.

Looking for a unique gift? Our kits make the perfect present for friends and family, so why not gift a little home automation to someone you love!



We work with many manufacturers and resellers in order to provide you with a complete and comprehensive smart home solution…