Let smart home technology make life easier by handling all the practical aspects of your daily life with just one chosen device.


Please take a couple of minutes to watch our video which will give you an idea of some of the benefits and opportunities of living with smart home technology.


What we do
We’re a long time Home Automation Specialist and Systems Integrator (established in 2010) and we have the expertise, inspiration and technology to give you control of any number of technology solutions from wherever you like, whenever you like. Whether you want the full home cinema experience, or your blinds to open and close at times that suit you, or have better heating control that can adapt to your alternating lifestyle, we can accommodate you.

Naturally, each of our clients has different requirements, preferences and priorities so taking the time to understand exactly what you’re after means we’re always able to suggest the right bespoke solutions. Our design process includes full specifications, layouts and options for future proofing.

We build solutions big or small with a focus on the usability for the home owner. We believe technology is here to help not hinder.

Smart lifestyle choices

Please click on the links below to explore some the home automation modules that can make up part of your solution. These are examples of what you may want to incorporate in your solution. You may want only some of these, you may want all of it. We can help to design a solution that meets your requirements.


Control as much or as little as you want, from wherever you want

Lighting home automation modules

Heating home automation modules

Blinds home automation modules

Automation of your lighting is completely customised to suit you and the way you live your lives. Simple to use and sensor controlled, our systems can potentially reduce your utility bill by allowing you to intelligently control how and when lighting comes on and goes off, including useful ideas such as setting bathroom lights to automatically dim for middle of the night visits. This helps you regulate overall energy management as well as allowing you to create the ideal ambience in your home.

Using Scene Controllers (or Mood Setting devices) lets you easily control multiple lighting circuits in a given area. This is a much requested feature in today’s developments where more and more lighting circuits are used to create that special mood.


In our highly unpredictable, indeed idiosyncratic climate it’s always helpful to be able to easily manage your heating. Our systems allow you to view, set and control individual temperature in each room from your tablet whether you’re at home or away.
Programmable thermostats provide highly effective heat control, letting you reduce the temperature in unoccupied rooms, or can be based on a time-of-day schedule, lowering energy consumption and your utility bill – always a bonus.


Our automated curtain tracks or blinds can be timed to wake you up gently in the morning to natural daylight; to close when darkness falls or be set to operate when you’re away from home so the house always looks occupied.

Whole house audio home automation modules

Whole house audio home automation modules

Whole House Audio
The way we enjoy music has changed as much in recent years as has the technology we use to listen. You can stroll through your house, listening to whatever you choose, as you move from room to room. Alternatively you may opt for different music in each room. Classical in the kitchen, jazz in the lounge, pop in the kids’ rooms or live radio discussion programmes streamed into the study. With specialist outdoor speakers you can even extend it into your garden. Whole house audio is entirely possible and easily controlled from one screen.

The installation of speakers for your audio system is very important and we have multiple solutions to suit your taste and decor. Speaker installation can be discrete and many of our installations involve either ceiling mounted or even in-ceiling (hidden) speakers.


Home Cinema
We work with you to provide a bespoke design which best suits your individual needs and room layout. You can enjoy all the fun of the cinema in your own home just by pressing a single button and having curtains close, cinema screen drop into place and lights dim – transforming a family room by day into a movie theatre by night. We also guarantee cables and components hidden from view. Should your phone ring, the movie can automatically be paused and lights will brighten. You provide the popcorn, we tackle the technology.


TV and Video Distribution
You can keep all of your cable or satellite boxes, media players, receivers, gaming consoles and anything else you like to watch on your TV in one storage cabinet away from the actual viewing room.

Distributed video allows video sources, like your Sky or Cable box or Apple TV, to be shared between multiple TVs that are connected to a video switch (HDMI Matrix). This not only minimises the amount of sources you would need for every TV in your house it also allows you to have different viewing options in different rooms simultaneously.

Security CCTV home automation modules

Security CCTV Touchscreen home automation modules

We provide SSAIB certificated alarms and security systems which fit seamlessly with all our systems allowing you to monitor activity in your home whether you’re there or not.

You can choose whichever best suits your requirements and gives you most peace of mind. For example, while out, you might want phone alerts when the doorbell rings and installed CCTV allows you to remotely view your property, while ‘security lighting’, a tv or sound system going on and window coverings opening and closing, can create the feel of an occupied house.

Computer network telephony home automation modules

Computer Network
A good home network is vital for an effective automation solution and we love creating and providing designs and recommendations to ensure this perfectly meets your requirements.

We can either supply and install cabling ourselves or work with your chosen electrician to ensure smooth installation. We then put in place relevant network switches, wireless access points and routers connecting you to your chosen internet provider. You will benefit from an all-in high speed internet access package at every TV location. You will also have a network infrastructure in place that will serve your current needs but also allow plenty of room for expansion. Security is paramount and we will ensure that we put in the correct and most up to date anti virus software across your entire system.


A modern home telephone solution based on Voice over IP (VoIP) enables multiple incoming and outgoing lines, with each handset around the house acting as a separate extension with its own individual extension number. This can be integrated with your entry-phone to enable you to answer the door from any handset. Additionally, using your iPad or phone remotely, you can let people in, even when you’re not at home.

Garden Irrigation home automation modules

Garden Irrigation
A simple and effective way to tend to your garden and give nature a helping hand, with the installation of an irrigation system, ensuring your plants and lawns are always adequately watered.

Setting the correct parameters means appropriate measurements such as rainfall, soil moisture and wind direction are taken into account before your system turns on. Automation means you never have to remember to water your garden again, saving time, money and water and giving you a garden that always looks good.

Touch Screen automation home automation modules

Touch Screen automation home automation modules

Touch Screen Control
When it comes to choosing your control device you’re spoilt for choice – you can opt for your phone, iPad, touch-screen control panel or a traditional remote. However, different situations call for different solutions and whilst a table top touch screen may be great for the lounge, a sturdier solution might make more sense in children’s rooms.


Automation Controller
The automation or core controller we install is the brain directing integration and inter-communication of all the different components making up your tailor-made system. It enables you to interact easily, using your tablet or smartphone, whether you’re at home or away. Your controller will be housed neatly out of sight and takes up less space than you might imagine.

About us: Nicolai
From passion to profession….

Behind the business is Nicolai Landschultz who brings over fifteen years’ experience and passion as a Home Technology Professional. indigozest’s reputation is built on a wealth of technical knowledge, IT experience and strong project management skills. With his Danish heritage he also brings simplicity, minimalism and functionality to all his design solutions to create the perfect hygge experience.

“I have always been interested in technology and how it can benefit my everyday. To me smart home, home automation or smart living is all about integrating technology in the home to make things simpler yet work smarter at the same time.

Smart homes are pretty much the order of the day. The proof of this has been in enabling me to become a fully fledged, CEDIA Certified Technology Professional. With that I am also able to dedicate my time to research and the development of my own core suite of products. They have been tried and tested and I am proud of what has been achieved, installed and the flexibility that it gives to each individual customer.”

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Case Study 1

Case Study 1

Client Brief: Three-storey New build

Key Requirements: Integration of smart home technology throughout the property

Overall Solution/Approach:
  • Lighting and curtain/blind/sky light systems.
  • Alarm system, including smoke and heat detection installed with connectivity to automation controller. Alert to key holders set up via automation controller for email alerts.
  • Video distributed throughout property from several Sky boxes and Apple TV via an HD video matrix with individual source control in each room.
  • In main living space, large screen TV with surround sound was implemented.
  • Rooms throughout the property connected via networked amplifiers with discrete ceiling speakers minimising on-wall installations. Whole-house audio solution for seamless music and radio throughout.
  • All connected technology controlled via customised touch screen layouts on iPad .
  • Automation controller provided connectivity to all individual technologies.

“The system works seamlessly and is very stable.  We have iPads on stands that permit us to control every aspect of the house.  When abroad we can change, monitor and watch the house.  The graphics that show the status of the services are fantastic and … Continued

Case Study 2

Case Study 2

Client Brief: Three-story refurbishment.

Key Requirements:

Overall Solution/Approach:
  • Vitrum selected for lighting and blind control system.
  • Alarm system installed with central station monitoring via IP and dial-up, with connectivity to the automation controller.
  • CCTV via networked recorder was setup with connectivity to Android application for remote viewing.
  • HD video distributed over CAT6 cabling from a HDMI matrix to the TVs throughout the property.
  • All connected technology controlled via customised touch screen layouts on client’s own Android tablets.
  • Automation controller installed as the central brain of the system and connected to the various discrete components.

“Nicolai delivered exactly what we asked for: a system integrating security, lighting, sound and vision with tablet computer controls and all at a reasonable cost. He offered us a range of practical suggestions without ever persuading us to install mor … Continued

Case Study 3

Case Study 3

Client Brief: Redevelopment of three story property adding an extension and completely renovating the interior.

Key Requirements:

Overall Solution/Approach:
  • Lighting and blind control system.
  • A comprehensive alarm system including smoke/heat/carbon dioxide detection installed and connected to the automation controller.
  • Alarm alerts set up via both email and automated voice telephone call.
  • All connected technology controlled via customised touch screen layouts on client-supplied iPad tablets.
  • Automation controller installed and connected to the various components.

When we commenced our home renovation project we weren’t really aware of all the possibilities.  Fortunately, a friend introduced us to indigozest and an initial meeting with Nicolai quickly made us realise what was out there. Fortunately we hadn’t yet … Continued

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